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Monday, April 25, 2011


Luke 23:39-43

Q) Why 3 crosses on some Church’s lawns ?

1) Everybody talking about Heaven, but everyone isn’t going there….. (Matthew 7:13)

Background (v.39)
Save Yourself & (mainly us !) (Some people just want the benefits of Christ: the blessings/ to be rich/ to be healed, but 1st. we must accept His free gift of Salvation and live for Christ)

Other Gospels say both were blaspheming Christ.

But….after hours of being on the cross w/the Lord of lords & King of kings. (Conviction, started to settle in his heart )

Finally; One of the thieves ended up saying; “ Jesus, remember me when You come into Your Kingdom
(Total repentance here) (repeated)

(look again at: v. 43)
So in this verse, (the word) Paradise Where is Jesus talking about ?

Paradise (original lan.) garden/park. (like in the garden of Eden)

Remember the parable Jesus gave, back in (Chap 16 of Luke) (Many Scholars believe this is a real story)

(Rich man & Lazarus)

a) Poor man was in Abraham’s bosom (righteous)

b) Richman in Hades- torment (un-righteous)
(had to look up)

Now in Matthew’s gospel (27:51-53)

Saints who had fallen asleep (died) were raised & appeared to many in Jerusalem.

Guess where they came from ? Abrahams bosom !

Now after the resurrection there’s no one in Paradise or Abraham’s bosom.

Christ did NOT go to Heaven w/ the Father until after the Resurrection… (Remember that Mary tried to cling to Jesus, but what did Christ say to her ? “I haven’t ascended to My Father yet.”) On the 1st. day of the week.

Because, we know that, absent w/the body, present w/ the Lord…..amen ?

Straight to Heaven we go w/ the Lord Jesus. Where is Jesus now ? look at: (Acts 7:56)

Lastly: So when Jesus told the thief on the cross “Truly I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise.” That’s where they went on Friday.

This tells us that even a sinner at the last moments f your life, after all that was done in this man’s life can still be saved by the (blood) of Christ !

But don’t wait till your on your death bed !!

Because no one knows the hour that you will breath our last breath…..
Amen ?
Praise God
Luke 23: 39-43