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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What if your wrong about Jesus ???

Are you someone who doesn't believe in Religion ?.... Well that's might have had a bad experience with a religious person right ???? or have heard of people that are religious that you would not want to talk to or meet... What is religion anyway ?...But a list of do's and don'ts right...Now let me flip this situation for you...what about a relationship with not church folk..but with the Savior of the world..that died for ALL your sins....past...yes I said past, present and future sins...The blood that the Lord Jesus shed on the cross for all our sins was enough to cover all our sins, you see that's a relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ has done for you.....It doesn't matter what you've done Jesus Christ died for you....but He not only died for your sins but with the fact that He is also God in the flesh He got up on the Third day with all power in His Hands and now sits on the Right Hand of the Father.....If you still don't believe or don't want to repent (a change of mind,a change of your lifestyle for the way that God wants you to live...for Him) of your sins to Him, I have a question for you... What if your wrong about your beliefs now ??? and when the Lord Jesus comes back for His Chruch (the Whole Chruch) and you are left behind to deal with the wrath of God.... What if your wrong that you don't believe in God? and you find out that He is real...and He loves you so much that He did send His Son for your sin ?....What if your wrong ??? Ask God if He is real ??...Just ask Him sincerly...really ask Him....with all your heart...Because what if your wrong about want you believe ? Can you chance you entire life? your soul ?? Because that's what's at stake...your soul......What if your wrong ? eternity is a long time.....

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