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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Is Islam dangerous ??

Is Islam dangerous ????
Is this religion called Islam dangerous ? Well I will tell you this, when you feel that the only way to get to Heaven is to sacrifice killing yourself and others for the sake of 75 virgins around you.....I would say that's a religion that will do anything, to anyone, to get what they desire.....Actually, When I was 19yrs. old, I became a Muslim and stayed a Muslim for some 15yrs...then I met a man that told me that if I didn't believe in Jesus Christ as the only way to Heaven, that I was going to Hell.....and that made me I read the Book of Revelation, I was trying to find something that I found many times in the Scriptures, but for some reason, this time I could not find this passage about the largest religion...But what I did find is the Lord Jesus calling me into the Ministry to Preach His word, for the past 6yrs.... Let me tell you Islam was a very dangerous religion, in the book they read, they tell you that this religion should be the dominant religion in the World, and every muslim should try to convert people to Islam....But when you look at mostly dominanted countries of Islam, they will force you to become a muslim.....If they believe in their religion as a religion of Peace....why would you need to force anyone to your peacefull religion ???

What do you think...Is Islam a religion of Peace ??
Is Islam safe in America ?
Is Islam dangerous ???

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