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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tiger Woods

Should we really worry about the inside family problems that Tiger Woods has??
Now I admit his buisness is on the news because of the early calls to the police at about 3am in the morning, but what if this was a normal joe, with an accident... would everyone worry about this?? probably not....Yes, I know it is a person like Tiger Woods the best golfer in the world, however enough is enough, he has said he apoligizes to his family (wife) and to his fans, shouldn't that be enough for us??? If he never apoligized then that would be different, but he did... He probably never really had any guidance growing up, because he was always golfing at a really young that's not an excuse but if maybe we can understand why, then maybe this can be addressed.... In America after he wins a couple of tournaments everyone will forget in a couple of months, then there will be another story to talk about.....Let's remember to forgive others when they ask for it...and if I might say even when they don't......

John 16:33.

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