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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Do you doubt the whole Christian faith ?

If you at all doubt that the Christian faith is not athentic.....then I dare I double dare you to do the research of what they study, if you are sure that there is no God and that this whole Christianity and the Bible is a made up thing by men............

Mark Hartwig (Challenging Darwin's Myths)
Phillip E. Johnson (Darwin on Trial)
Garret Vanderkooi (A Theistic Approach to Science)
William J. Cairney (Biomedical Prescience 1) (Evidence for Faith)
David Breese (Seven Men who rule the world from the grave)
Ravi Zacharias (Can man live without God ?)
Hugh Ross (The Creator and the Cosmos)
L.I. McMillen (None of these Diseases)

George Park Fisher (Manual of Christian Evidence)
Josh McDowell (Prophecy: Fact or Fiction)
Templeton, John Marks (Evidence of Purpose)
Stoner, Peter W., and Newman, Robert C. (Science speaks)
Habermas, Gary R. (Ancient Evidence for the Life of Jesus)
Pierson, Arthur (Many Infallible Proofs)
Sanders, J. Oswald (The Incomparable Christ)

Ankerberg, John and Weldon, John ( The Facts on Creation Vs. Evolution)
Lubenow, Marvin (Bones of Contention)
Kenyon, Dean and Davis, Percival (Of Pandas and People)
Gish, Duane T. (The Amazing Story of Creation)

Bruce, F.F. (The Books and the Parchments)
Criswell,W.A. (Why I Preach that the Bible is Literally True)
Thiede, Carsten Peter and D'Ancona, Matthew (Eyewitness to Jesus)

Archer, Gleason L (A Survey of Old Testament Introduction)
Vos, Howard F. (Archaeology in Bible Lands)

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