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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Test of Impartial Love

James 2:1-13

Q. Has anyone ever showed favoritism to anyone ?

Intro/ (Now) The writer of this letter is not James, the brother of John (the apostle), but he was the half brother of Jesus….

Because that James, was killed by Herod in the Book of Acts, (12).

What is so special about this James is that he….(like most of his family) did not believe who Jesus said He was….until after the Resurrection.

I. Chap.2 v.1

Don’t be someone who has this type of faith that looks at someone & shows favoritism……

a.) Why ?....because, we are ambassadors for Christ…this is a high calling, saints !

b.) We shouldn’t look at people and say within yourself, (this person must be Highly Blessed…) look at the way they are dressed !!! (look at the money/car’s/homes..

c.) Because, if (they) are not being a wise steward of what the Lord has given to you…’s gonna be trouble…

d.) Because to much is given-much is required…

e.) In Luke 12: 34: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also…

II. (v.2-4)
Gold rings/ (not common, then) here, fine apparel, speaks about a wealthy, rich person….( Bill gates, Oprah) type of person…

a.) Just because your rich, doesn’t mean that you’re closer to God…..

b.) And there’s a flipside to that….just because you’re poor….doesn’t mean, you are closer to God, because you are poor, either…

c.) I heard a comedian say once….he thinks that Blacks and because of Slavery…should automatically….go to heaven…..(well, that contradicts the Bible) and if that was true, then ever Hebrew in the wilderness went to heaven even though they didn’t believe in God…..

d.) Now let’s also remember not to get this passage twisted either, because there is room for respect, honor to certain leaders in the church…

e.) I Timothy 5:17, says: Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honor , especially they who labor in the word and doctrine.

III. (v.5)
In general (the poor ) of this world: meaning those that are generally considered poor to us…/more likely to be used to advance the kingdom.

a.) Now, this doesn’t mean, just because your poor, you will ingerit the kingdom….(No)….listen….

b.) look again at (v.5) last part of that verse….(to them that love Him)

c.) Cause, there are poor people who hate God, for different reasons…

- some because they look at the rich driving (the Bentley’s)/living good..
- someone like a drug dealer or someone who isn’t a God-fearer..

d.) It’s to those who endure the testing of our faith until the end….(amen)
e.) And this is not just someone entering the kingdom, but ruling w/ Christ… ( II Timothy 2:11,12 read)

IV. (v.6,7)

It is the rich that are mostly the oppressors…..

The poor is waiting for that blessed hope & better things in the Lord Jesus…

b.) So respecting a person of this (sinful) world on account of their riches or outward appearance is a sin…

c.) Why ?, because if you (we) have a misunderstanding of thinking that this World’s goods are what life is all about….then we are missing the purpose of the kingdom of God.

d.) Because, so many of the rich in our society….have No place for the Lord Jesus in their lives…

e.) He is the farthest part of their life..

f.) Look at who put’s the law’s in place that’s against almost every part of God’s Word….those in Power positions..

g.) So as ambassadors for Christ/ it makes us look exceedingly sinful and foolish to support & look up to those who are against the Word of God…..

h.) That name of Christ…..what does that name mean to you ?...

i.) Because that name reflects, Honor, gives worth to us that wear that holy name !!!!

V. (8-11)
Royal law….basically is the law of love/ a law superior to all other laws…
Read ( Leviticus 19:15)

a.) What did Jesus say was the 2 greatest Commandments ?

-Love the Lord your God w/ all your heart, soul and mind…
-and the Second is like unto it/
you shall love your neighbor as yourself.

b.) God isn’t in favor of selective obedience…

c.)We as Christians must (someone say must) practice the law of love the (agape type/unconditional)

VI. (v.12,13)
Everyone in the day of judgment will fall into 1 of 2 categories…

a.) Either you will be among the vessels of wrath or vessel of mercy.
Which will you be ?

b.) The Bible says: Blessed are the merciful, for they will obtain mercy…..

c.) So, what we must do for our own good is to show love and mercy to all people..
-Especially when they don’t deserve it, now, is that right ?

Q. How much love are we to have to our neighbor ?

- ok, well the reason I ask is this, Can you think of the worst thing someone can do to you ?...& then think of the worst/most hurtful thing someone can say to you….
The worst….got it?

Now, could you share the gospel to that person?....w/ loving intentions?!

Because, if you can, at that moment….then the Love of Christ is reigning in your heart….but if not, then maybe you are still a babe in that area of your life…..not all area’s…. But maybe in this area of your growth/maturity…

We must not be judges on appearance alone, but observe the character of a person, regardless of appearances… Let’s love God w/ all our heart & love our neighbor as we love ourselves...Amen?

The Test of Impartial Love…let’s not fail this test…

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